11 PICASSO – Side Light & Funny Faces

I lived too far away to spend much lap-time with Dougie, so I wrote him these letters.


Hi Dougie,

Here is another painting by Pablo Picasso. It is a picture of a lady sleeping in a chair. It’s calld “The Dream.”

Picasso - Original Woman-c

Did you notice the diamond shapes on the wallpaper behind the chair? Picasso liked diamond shapes a lot.

Look at the lady’s face. The light is shining on half of her face. The other half is in shadow. That is called “Side Lighting.”

Side Lighting happens when people sit next to a window, or a lamp, like this lady, or when the sun is very low. It doesn’t happen a lot, so you have to look for it.

When you see a face from the side it is called a “profile.” Look at someone’s face from the side. Do you see that when a face is in profile the nose and lips are on the edge of the face, not in the middle as they are when you see it from the front

If you look at only the lighted side of  the face of Picasso’s sleeping lady, it looks like it could be a picture of a woman in profile looking toward the ceiling. Can you see the profile?

Picasso thought that the light made a profile in the middle of this lady’s face? He was very interested in this idea of a front and a side to every face. He did many paintings showing that.

Remember Picasso’s “Girl in Front of a Mirror.”

PIcasso - Girl & Mirror-d

Can you see that it is really only one face? What color did Picasso pick for the shadow? Look at the same girl’s face in the mirror. Can you see that it, too, is one face with a shadow on one side?

PIcasso - Girl & Mirror-c3

Let’s compare the face of the lady sleeping with the face of the lady in front of the mirror. If we turn the mirror lady, you’ll see how much alike they are.

PIcasso - Girl & Mirror-g

Try looking at people’s faces when they have a bright light shining on one side. See if you can find two faces the way Picasso did.






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