08 PABLO PICASSO – Drawing Big

I lived too far away to spend much lap-time with Dougie, so I wrote him these letters.


Hi Dougie,

This is a picture of Pablo Picasso drawing.

Does his fish look happy? Do you think Picasso smiled when he was finished with his fish? I wonder how Picasso liked Paul Klee’s “Twitter Machine”?

Picasso looks like an old man in this picture. He lived to be 92. The older he got, the more he painted.

In this picture Pablo Picasso is making a big drawing. Do you ever draw big? Big enough that you have to swing your arm and not just use your hand? Try it.

Find some big paper or some cardboard from an old, large box. You can buy large sheets of paper at any arts and crafts store. It comes in a tablet and is called “Newsprint.” It’s what newspapers are made of.  That’s about the size of what Picasso is using in this picture.

Or just go get some sidewalk chalk and draw away. Remember, use your arm, not just your hand and fingers. Swing you arm and make some nice curves.

This is a picture some kids made in an empty parking lot. 

Have fun. Picasso did.



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